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Our Price: $515.00


A higher capacity 2.8 bu. capacity broadcast seeder/spreader.
*The Herd Model M-96 spreads a wide variety of materials, from seed or fertilizer to insecticides or herbicides.
*The galvanized hopper is durable enough for years of trouble‐free use.
*The spinning agitator gives Herd’s Sure‐Feed of material through the steel seed gate.
*The spread can be centered, and the metering ensures control of the amount of seed distributed.
New 60" TRI Landscape Rake/Rock Rake
New 60" TRI Landscape Rake/Rock Rake
Our Price: $609.00

New 60" TRI Landscape/Rock Rake for your 3 point.
* Cat. 1 (3 point hitch)
* 60 " working width.
* Perfect tool for removing debris from pastures and trails and so much more.
* 360 degrees rotation with various angle settings. Can easily pull or push depending on the chore at hand.
* Suggested hp between 15 & 35.
* Item may have minor shipping scratches on paint.
New TRI 6 Shank Tiller/Ripper/Renovator
New TRI 6 Shank Tiller/Ripper/Renovator
Our Price: $665.00

New TRI 6 Shank Pasture Seed Renovator, Ripper, Tillage Tool with 3 point hitch is a good attachment to break new ground or to tear up hard pan. The shanks are easily adjustable with 3 position holes.
Maximum digging depth 12"----Space between each shank 13"
* Heat tempered shanks
* 3 postion hole-up and down for different digging depths.
* Cat. 1 Hook up.
* Weight 290 lbs.
* Shanks are removable. if you can’t pull all of them you can take some off.
* May have minor scratches
* Made in the USA
* HP requirement 45-55

New Tar River PTS-160 Pull Type Spreader/Seeder
New Tar River PTS-160 Pull Type Spreader/Seeder
Our Price: $674.00

New Tar River PTS-160 Pull Type Spreader/Seeder
ModelCapacity lbs.Capacity LitersSpread SwathHopper HeightWt. lbsWt. Ship lbs

Built with steel gears, this ground drive unit will hold up to the rigors of your everyday needs.
Comes with Operators/Parts Manual.
New Tar River Brand SSS-300 3 pt. Seeder/Spreader
New Tar River Brand SSS-300 3 pt. Seeder/Spreader
Our Price: $689.00

New Tar River Brand SSS-300 3 pt. Seeder/Spreader
* Capacity 677 lbs.
* Spreading width (depending on material)----up to 46 ft.
* Height---40"------Weight 127 lbs.
* Comes with owners/operators/parts manual with spread chart.
* HD Enclosed oil bath Gear Box for long life
* Perfect for Fertilizer, Lime or Seed
* Adjustable for seeds down to 5 lbs per acre
Used Demco 100 gal. Spot Sprayer.
Used Demco 100 gal. Spot Sprayer.
Our Price: $745.00

Used Demco 100 gal. Spot Sprayer.
* Been hooked to tractor water added and tested. Works Good!
* Includes Handgun with about 30 ft. of hose and PTO Roller pump (with tractor pto coupling)
* Cat. 1 Hook up.
* Weight approx: 250 lbs. (empty)
* This sprayer does not have a boom only handgun. A boom could be easily added but not included.
* Poly tank
New HD Concord 6 ft. Chain Harrow
New HD Concord 6 ft. Chain Harrow
Our Price: $795.00

New HD Concord 6 ft. Chain Harrow
* 6 ft. working width (length of harrow ; 8 ft.--- working width; 6 ft.)
* Perfect tool for ATVS, UTVS, etc.....
* Heavy Duty 1/2 x 3 1/2 tines
* Made from High Quality Steel
* Dual Angle Positions--45 & 15 Degrees (passive and aggressive)
* Heavy structural tubing used for draw bar.
* Approx. Weight 250 lbs
.* 1 piece mat
* Pull type
* These harrows are shipped in a ball as seen in the pictures.
Reasons for using a Chain Harrow
* Helps stop parasites in your field by spreading the manure droppings from your
livestock, therefore, eliminating a place for them to breed and lay their eggs.
* Excellent leveling mole hills, crawdad mounds and fire ant mounds.
* Pasture renovation; breaking up and leveling heavy soil
.* Root aeration; for better water infiltration and growth.
* Works in fertilizer to both spread and maximize effectiveness.
* Surface leveling in equestrian centers, race tracks and running tracks.
* Stimulates growth by aerating and loosening grass thatch. We ran Early Spring test plots on our home farm, where we would chain harrow 1/2 the field and leave the other 1/2 untouched. The half that was chain harrowed, was greener and grew better all season long and NO fertilizer was put on either test plot. I now call a chain harrow a "poor mans" fertilizer.
New 6 ft. Dirt Dog CAR72 Aerator
New 6 ft. Dirt Dog CAR72 Aerator
Our Price: $1,120.00

New 6 Ft. Dirt Dog 3 Point Aerator Model CAR72

This is a brand new 3 point aerator Built in USA. Perfect for aerating pasture fields and grass stands to increase growth.


* Weight 219 lbs. Has included weight box for adding additional weight for greater working depth.

* Standard 3 Point Cat. 1 Hitch.
* Greasable Hubs.
* Hubs rotate independently.
* HD 1.25" Axle
* Working Width 72"
* 20 HP tractor minimum suggested minimum
* Perfect for foodplots and farms
* One year Manufacturers Warranty.
* Jack Stands Included.
* Replaceable spike wheels.
* Made in USA!!
Used Tufline 2 Shank HD Subsoiler
Used Tufline 2 Shank HD Subsoiler
Our Price: $1,195.00

Used 2S-28 Tufline HD 2 Shank Subsoiler for breaking up your hard pan! A must have tool for the serious producer
Heavy Duty Sub Soiler

This used 3-point heavy duty subsoiler from Tufline is the right tool for you when breaking up a hardpan developed over years of heavy use. Compacted soil can hurt you in two ways: plant roots cannot penetrate into the lower levels of the soil to tap additional nutrients and, in wet conditions, the excess water cannot drain away…both effects weaken your plants and reduce your yields.

* The replaceable points look to be new or the subsoiler was not used much.

  • Cat. 2 Hitch
  • Replacable heat treated plow points
  • 1 1/4" Shanks
  • Double lug hitch
  • Adjustable shank spacing on double shank models
  • Parabolic shank for easy penetration
  • 5″ × 7″ × 1/4" Main Tube

* 49" total width

* Weight 450 lbs.
* Shank length 28"

New Dirt Dog Mfg. 5.5 ft.Pulverizer, arena tool
New Dirt Dog Mfg. 5.5 ft.Pulverizer, arena tool,leveler
Our Price: $1,550.00

New Dirt Dog Mfg. 5 1/2 ft. Pulverizer, arena tool, soil leveler and renovator.
* Made in the USA!
* Category 1 Hook Up.
* Heavy Duty H Beam Construction
* Double Strap Hitch
* 1” Bearing
* Fully Welded Roller Spikes
* Maximum tractor HP 60
* Weight 580 lbs.
* Back roller is spring loaded for more down pressure
* Perfect tool for breaking up the hard surface on horse arenas and making hoof maintenance easier.
* Prep a yard or field or foodplot before sowing your grass.
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