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New 5 Shank Pasture Renovator 3 Pt Tillage Tool
New TRI 5 Shank Pasture Renovator 3 Pt.Tillage Tool
Our Price: $708.00

* Shanks are removable. if you can’t pull all of them you can take some off. * May have minor shipping scratches * Made in the USA * HP requirement 18-45 depending on soil conditions.
International 2 Row Cultivator with guage wheels
Used International 2 Row Cultivator with guage wheels
Our Price: $895.00

Used International 2 Row All Purpose Plow - Cultivator, Ripper, Tillage Tool with CATEGORY 1--- 3 point hitch is a good attachment to keep the weeds and grass out of your row crops or tear up the soil to prepare a seedbed. The shanks are easily adjustable  to your desired working depth by using the guage wheela.

* New Parts added as needed

*Gauge Wheels

* Unit has good points.

* This is the perfect tool to eliminate overgrowth in row crop fields,

* Heavy tool bar for easily adding or removing or adjusting shanks (only 4 bolts to remove 1 shank).

* HD Standard category 1 three point hitch.

* Tractor hp required 20 to 75 (Depending on # of shanks you want to pull and how deep you want to pull them.)

* Made in the USA!
New HD Concord 12 ft. Chain Harrow
New HD Concord 12 ft. Chain Harrow
Our Price: $1,255.00

New HD Concord 12 ft. Chain Harrow * Big 12 ft. working width (length of harrow ; 8 ft.--- working width; 12 ft.) * Heavy Duty 1/2 x 3 1/2 tines * Made from High Quality Steel * Dual Angle Positions--45 & 15 Degrees (passive and aggressive) * Heavy structural tubing used for draw bar. * Weight 475 lbs . * 2 piece mat (each 6 ft) * Pull type * These harrows are shipped in a ball as seen in the pictures. Reasons for using a Chain Harrow * Helps stop parasites in your field by spreading the manure droppings from your livestock, therefore, eliminating a place for them to breed and lay their eggs. * Excellent leveling mole hills, crawdad mounds and fire ant mounds. * Pasture renovation; breaking up and leveling heavy soil . * Root aeration; for better water infiltration and growth. * Works in fertilizer to both spread and maximize effectiveness. * Surface leveling in equestrian centers, race tracks and running tracks. * Stimulates growth by aerating and loosening grass thatch. We ran Early Spring test plots on our home farm, where we would chain harrow 1/2 the field and leave the other 1/2 untouched. The half that was chain harrowed, was greener and grew better all season long and NO fertilizer was put on either test plot. I now call a chain harrow a "poor mans" fertilizer.
New Dirt Dog Mfg. 5.5 ft.Pulverizer, arena tool
New Dirt Dog Mfg. 5.5 ft.Pulverizer, arena tool,leveler
Our Price: $1,550.00

New Dirt Dog Mfg. 5 1/2 ft. Pulverizer, arena tool, soil leveler and renovator. * Made in the USA! * Category 1 Hook Up. * Heavy Duty H Beam Construction * Double Strap Hitch * 1” Bearing * Fully Welded Roller Spikes * Maximum tractor HP 60 * Weight 580 lbs. * Back roller is spring loaded for more down pressure * Perfect tool for breaking up the hard surface on horse arenas and making hoof maintenance easier. * Prep a yard or field or foodplot before sowing your grass.
Used 7ft Farnam Seeder/Renovator
Used 7ft Farnam Seeder/Renovator
Our Price: $1,705.00

Nice Used 7  Ft Farnam Seeder/Renovator

Get ready for the Fall and Spring Foodplot planting.

*Hopper is in good  condition as shown in the picture.

*Category 1 three point hitch

*The ultimate implement for the Food Plot guy or Farmer.

*This renovator/seeder has the aggressive SHANK OPENERS with shear pin protection.

*Works good behind Tractor from 35 to 80 HP

*New weld on replaceable points on all 7 shanks.

*Adjustable Hopper flow rate for seed or fertilizer or lime.

*Depth is controlled by your tractor 3 point.

*Adjustable Gate can be set close on the hopper seed gates for small clovers and alfalfa seed and wider for larger seed or fertilizer.

*Shank openers are approx 15 inches apart.

*The hopper has a agitator in the bottom to keep your seed mixed good.

*The seeding unit is "Ground Driven"
New Dirt Dog HD 5 ft. Core Aerator
New Dirt Dog HD 5 ft. Core Aerator,Made in the USA
Our Price: $1,975.00

New Dirt Dog HD 5 ft. Core Aeriator ***Made in the USA!!! PG Series * Category 1 Quick Hitch * ¾” Closed Design Hardened Spoons * Grease Zerks on Each Spoon Hub * 1 ¼” Diameter Axle Shaft * Weight Rack Allows You to Add Weight so you can Control Penetration Depth * Maximum Tractor HP 60 * The Jack stand system on this aerator is designed to make it easier to connect to your tractor, and help keep the spoons out of the dirt while in storage. * Product Weight: 350 lbs *Depth is controlled by adding or removing weight.
Used Hayden 6ft Arena Tool
Used Hayden 6ft Arena Tool
Our Price: $1,985.00

Used Hayden  6 ft. Arena Preparation Tool with 3 point hitch for your tractor ***Made in the USA!!!

* Can be used on category 1 or 2...... 3 point hitch tractors.

* 14 reversable points on the front and they have 3 independent adjustments for depth control.

* Followed by a 6 ft adjustable height heat treated leveling blade

* The leveling blade may be set as fixed position or float position

* On the back, you have 4 HD shanks for deep soil penetration that is helpful for faster water dissipation after a rain.

* At the very back, you have the closley spaced points that put texture on the track.  These are height adjustable.

* Minimum HP Tractor HP 40
Used Tufline Pasture Renovator
Used Tufline Pasture Renovator
Our Price: $2,500.00

Used Tufline Model PRC/8M Pasture Renovator with Category 2 3 point hitch

* This machine is a good attachment to stimulate grass growth, saves fertilizer costs and promotes better utilization for fertilizer used.

The Coulters in the front cut sod in front of the shank to reduce the clods on top of the soil! The Chisel design lifts sod while fracturing soil to allow air, water and fertilizer to penetrate down deep into the roots

* Compare at over $4500.00 new

*  All 8 Coulters and bearings are all excellent!

* Coulters are spaced 15 inches apart and they are approx. 17 inches in diameter

* Heavy Duty Frame!

*  Perfect for the farmer who wants to do some SERIOUS ground work!

 *  Total width is 124" ---  Cutting width is 10ft

*   All 8 shanks are good!

* Shanks are spaced approx. 15 inches apart

*  If you hit a rock or root, each of these shanks are protected with shearpins

*  Cat. 2 Hook up.

*  Weight approx 1271 lbs.

*  Made in the USA. In Columbus, MS

*  Designed for Tractors with 40-120 HP  (depending on how deep you want to pull it)
MF Model 18 Manure Spreader PTO Drive
MF Model 18 Manure Spreader PTO Drive
Our Price: $4,300.00

Massey Ferguson Model 18 Manure Spreader PTO Drive

Box Length 9' 8"
Box Width 57"
Height of Box 20"
Tire Size 9.25x 20
Overall Length 15.5 ft.
Overall Width (outside tires) 82"
New Tongue and Grove Side Boards.  Floor is good but 2 small holes in rear of boards. (see photo).
Good spreader runs out good!
Solid spreader ready to go to work
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