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New Tar River 1 Shank Subsoiler/Middle Buster
New Tar River 1 Shank Subsoiler/Middle Buster
Our Price: $375.00

New Tar River 1 shank Sub Soiler/Middle Buster Combo.
* What is free shipping? Free Shipping is defined as shipped to a 18 wheeler accessible Downtown Commercial non farm Business that has staffed m-f business hours, with offload capabilities. If you need residential/farm delivery, there will be a $50 surcharge and that address still has to be 18 wheeler accessible and have offload capabilities.
* The 1000 mile free delivery map is shown in picture #3 in the gallery above.If you live outside the free shipping area, we welcome your order and to place your order just as if you lived inside this area. Your order will not be processed until we contact you with your exact shipping amount to your location and get your approval.
* Our Inventory # 289-21734

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame with Reversible Ripper Tooth (Sub-Soiler)Heavy-Duty Steel Frame with a Standard 14” Reversible Furrower (Middle Buster)
* Shearbolt protected.
* Weight 88 lbs.
* Digging depth approx: 12" or 18 " (adjustable)
* Two Units in One - Comes Assembled as a Middle Buster with a Separate Shank to Switch to a Sub-Soiler 
* Category 1 Hitch
* Adjustable Ripping/Digging Depth

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New Tar River 3 Point Hiller/Ripper
New Tar River 3 Point Hiller/Ripper
Our Price: $880.00

New Tar River 3 Point Hiller/Ripper.
3 Point 4 Disc Garden Bedder/Hiller for the Serious Truck Patch of Gardener
*Standard Category 1 - 3 point hitch
* 4--16 inch diameter blades
* 1 inch axle shaft through blades
* Easy adjust for width of hill or bed
* Heavy thick wall square tubing construction
* Furrow attachment with point to lay off a row, pins to the front
of the beam
* The center Furrow attachment point has 3 depth settings and also lowers
all the way down to act as a jack stand. In addition, it raises all the
way up for times you do not wish to use it.
* The 4 16 inch disc hiller/bedder blades have greasable bearings to keep the axle lubed and 
dirt pushed out.
*Color will be red
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New Spedo SPA-T Automatic One Row Potato Planter
New Spedo SPA-T Automatic One Row Potato Planter
Our Price: $2,995.00

New Spedo Automatic One Row Potato Planter

Potato farmers have always had to break their backs planting and harvesting potatoes, luckily Spedo in Italy has a solution for the hard days in the potato field. The Spedo Potato Planter holds seed potatoes in the injected poly hopper, as a conveyor lifts them vertically to be deposited behind the shovel that makes your furrow. After the potato has been planted, the self-cleaning bedder discs in the back of the attachment bury it in a nice hill. Potatoes are completely planted after a single pass. The spacing between seed potatoes can be controlled by changing the sprockets on drive axle.
Poly hopper to hold potatoes
Poly cups to lift potatoes
Ground driven axle, no PTO shaft needed
Adjustable depth on shovel and bedding discs
Self cleaning bedding discs
Weight 210 lbs.
Maximum recommended tractor size is 25 HP
Some assembly required

Free shipping within 1,000 miles!
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New CPP-T 1 row Potato Harvestor
New CPP-T 1 row Potato Harvestor
Our Price: $3,057.00

New CPP-T Potato Harvester feature a hardened vibrating digging plow share with adjustable digging depth that
conveys the potatoes and soil onto a vibrating sieve grid. This separates the potatoes from the soil and deposits
them in an easy to access single cut row.
Perfect for the small producer, the CPP-T Single Row Potator Harvestor is a reliable and inexpensive way to
get your potato crop out of the field. Optimized 51 long x 33 for use behind smaller tractors, this unit gently extracts
your potatos from the ground without bruising.
This is a “Must Have” for the organic potato grower, small producer, and serious gardener alike.
Standard Features Include:
– Hardened Long Life Digging Share
– Adjustable and Removeable Guage Wheels
– Single Lever Depth Adjustment
_ 51" long x 33" tall and scoop is 18" wide
_Some assembly required
_ Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

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