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Shipping and Returns
Shipping Information
  1. We have priced our products in this store with a base bottom dollar price picked up at one of our 2 stores in Kentucky and pricing with Business or Terminal shipping included to Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4

2. Shipping to a Business address or a truck terminal near you keeps your costs the very lowest possible.

3. Here is what a business is to the freight carrier: A Business must be Listed in the
local phone book with normal 8-4 business hours and staffed with a person with appropriate equipment to offload quickly and efficiently.

4. The  freight carrier does not consider a farm a business.
There is a residential charge for them to go to the farm, church, school,
construction site, military base, marina or other limited access delivery areas.

5. Freight carriers do not offer free calls prior to delivery.
Freight carriers do not offer free lift gate service.
Freight carriers do not allow the truck drivers to help offload.
If you change the shipping address after the freight is picked up, they will charge you for re-routing while in transit.
The big trucks hauling your implement will only deliver to a 18 wheeler accessible address. The 75 Ft long rig must be able stay on a hard surface. (no turning around in the field or barnyard)

6. Some of the above services are available for a nominal fee and you will be given the opportunity to add these extra Carrier services that you may need at checkout.

7. A home business or a shop beside the home is not considered a business unless it meets the previous
requirements in statement #3

8.If you don't have a business or a friend with a business (see line #3) or means to pickup at the truck terminal, We can provide Residential Delivery to your 18 wheeler accessible  Home/Residence/Farm or Ranch? If you This extra service option will be provided for you at checkout.

9. For your convenience, smaller implements and parts will ship with UPS Ground Shipping to your door. We are limited to under 150 lbs.

10.  some locations shown inside this "Zone Map" will require additional shipping
fees. Examples of these locations are Islands, Peninsulas and very remote
locations. We will contact you if any additional shipping
fees are needed and get approval from you before the item is shipped.

11. Shipping to a Terminal and Business is all about Convenience and SAVING YOU MONEY! The terminal
will contact you upon when the implement gets there. From that time you will have
several days to drive in and pick it up at your convenience M-F 8-5 Local Time.  They
will load it onto your vehicle.

12.To keep shipping costs as low as possible, consider terminal pickup or check with a friend or neighbor with a Business Address to ship to. For Example: We can ship to YOU C/O John Doe Hardware/Lumber Yard/Factory/Equipment Dealer/Feed Mill or Coop and keep the low zone shipping rates we have quoted on this site.

13. Parts Orders are processed through UPS Worldship or USPS and
shipping is charged accordingly when you checkout through this website.

14. Click on our Return Policy Tab for full details. Below is a brief summary:

   Customers may make returns for any reason, however, we require
you to obtain a return authorization form (RAF) before sending the item back.
  If we shipped you the wrong item in your order, we will pay shipping to return the
incorrect item to our warehouse, but you MUST
accept delivery first.  In the event you ordered the wrong item or have
changed your mind, you will be responsible for shipping the item back to
our warehouse where we will inspect your item, and refund your purchase
price minus our original shipping cost and charge you a 20% restocking fee. Returns will not be accepted if
you refuse delivery, send the item back, or if you charge back your credit card
without notifying us first.

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