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Farm Rototiller

Some farmers prefer equipment that provides for all their tillage needs in one implement. A tractor rototiller is the all-purpose 3 point tool that can perform the functions of a shank field cultivator, tillage tool and tractor ripper at the same time. This equipment is a good choice for a attachment that will make the job go faster. With only one implement, farmers are able to till vertically like a plow and to eliminate most compaction in row crop fields.

What is great about this all-purpose machine, is that users can easily adjust the cutting depth from 1-6 inches. they are able to tackle a wide-range of ground breaking tasks. These rototillers also break the soil up, cultivate and facilitate aeration in the field.

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DHE 7 Shank All Purpose Plow, Field Cultivator.Zone.1
Our Price: $1,015.00

NEW DHE 7 Shank All Purpose Plow-- Field Cultivator, Ripper, Tillage Tool with CATEGORY 1 & 2---- 3 point hitch is a good attachment to tear up hard pan. The shanks are easily adjustable to any desired depth with the 3 point hitch on the tractor. * Machine is 69" wide. * Approx 5 HP per shank needed, however, if you don't have enough tractor HP to pull all 7 shanks, you can remove shanks as needed. * This is the perfect tool to do "vertical tillage" to eliminate soil compaction in row crop fields, * The points are reversible so when you wear one side out you can turn it around. * The shank movement is controlled by 2 springs on each shank. * 9" Between Shanks and depth up to 12" approx. * Heavy Angle Iron tool bar for easily adding or removing or adjusting shanks (only 4 bolts to remove 1 shank). * HD Standard category 1 & 2 three point hitch. * Shanks are removable if you can’t pull all 7 or if you need to reconfigure the shank spacing for a cultivator. * Tractor hp required 35 to 55 (Depending on # of shanks you want to pull and how deep you want to pull them.) * Made in the USA! * Weight 430 lbs.
New Compact 4ft Tarter Roto Tiller.Zone.1
Our Price: $1,705.00

New compact/subcompact  4 FT Roto Tiller WITH 540 PTO AND SLIP CLUTCH

Product Details---Less weight than the regular Tarter Rototillers for smaller compact and sub compact tractors.
Perfect for cultivating, aerating and tilling up soil for gardens, food plots, and other tillage needs
Category I hookup and Category 0 spacing for sub-compact tractors (Cat. I pins included)
Not to exceed 25 HP rated tractors
45 HP heavy-duty cast iron 540 RPM gearbox
Cast, precision machined bearing housing with ball bearings
Grease bath lubrication
Self sharpening heat treated cutting tines
3-point rear attach PTO driven with heat treated cutting tines
Adjustable runners for working depths from 1″ to 6 ″
Heavy-duty PTO shaft and slip clutch with chain driven drive line
Product Specs
Item#: RTSC4*
Unit Height: 24″
Approx. Weight: 350 lbs.
Width: 50″
Length: 69″
Tarter 4 Ft Gear Drive Roto.Zone.1
Our Price: $1,713.00

Tarter 48 inch roto tiller
New 5ft Tarter Roto Tiller.Zone.1
Our Price: $1,813.00

New Forward or Reverse Rotation Geardrive Tarter 5 FT Roto Tiller,WITH 540 PTO AND SLIP CLUTCH. We Ship Cheap and Fast!

NOTE: These Tarter roto tillers feature, forward or reversible tine rotation, gear drive, slip clutch drive line, Tine scroll diameter approx
16", From tip of tine to center driveshaft is 7 inches, In "new ground" expect 4" cutting depth on first pass and 6-7" total depth on second pass,
Colors subject to change without notice. Above, in Picture #2 shows the step by step directions for reversing your tine rotation. Tillers will only be shipped in forward rotation configuration.

* Heavy-duty, all gear driven, drive line.

* Tines are mounted on a "Scroll" pattern to prevent excessive machine vibration when in operation.

* Oil bath lubrication.

* Adjustable runners.

* Working depths from 1" to 4" on first pass, 6 inches + on 2nd pass.

* Category I hookup.

* Comes with heavy-duty PTO shaft and slip clutch.

*  Six (6) self sharpening heat treated tines per flange with adjustable runners.

*  Quick-hitch compatible.

*  Powder Coat Paint.

*  Min. 30 HP Required

Note:  Company represented photo above. The tiller you receive will be yellow or gray in color.

*  Min. 30 HP Required

Length 28", Width 64", Height 38", Weight 626 lbs
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