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Plows and Cultivators

Plows and cultivators serve a similar purpose in that they are tools used for cutting up soil in a linear fashion. They both come in varying sizes and styles and are used to stir and aerate the soil before planting. Plows and cultivators are generally drawn behind an animal or a tractor, though some models are much smaller and intended for small plots and are therefore motor powered and pushed or pulled by people.

Plows and cultivators do serve similar purposes but are not interchangeable. The primary reason for plowing is to turn up the outer layer of soil is to bury weeds and crop remains while bringing fresh nutrients to the upper layers of soil. Plows are designed to break up the hardpan beneath the outer surface of the soil and so they dig quite deep. The process also aerates the soil and breaks up any hard-packed clumps of dirt that would interfere with germination. The process of plowing creates furrows which are later used to plant seeds.

A cultivator is also used to aerate the soil but isn’t designed to churn the dirt as deeply as a plow and doesn’t create furrows. A cultivator may be used after plowing to ensure the seedbed is nice and loose or it may be used after planting to control weed growth. The cultivator is designed to carefully disturb the soil in such a way that crops remain intact while weeds are destroyed.

Here on this page are cultivators and plows of respected brands from around the globe, including: Hawkline, Dearborn, Ferguson, Big Bee, Burch and Fred Cain. Many of these models are small enough that they will be shipped via UPS, free of charge.

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