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Planters and Transplanters

Planters and transplanters are, perhaps, among of the most revolutionary farming tools because they allow farmers to plant seeds and seedlings very quickly into prepared seedbeds, increasing their total yield of any given crop.

Transplanters are capable of planting multiple seedlings at a time. Depending on the growing zone a farmer is located in, certain plants must be started indoors in order to be ready for planting in the spring. Some transplanters are made for one or two people to sit in and load plants into the fingers while the really large commercial transplanters are designed to be operated by one person but can plant sixteen plants roughly every two seconds. It is easy to see how an implement such as this is an invaluable tool for any farmer, whether planting for just a family or commercially.

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New CPP-T 1 row Potato Harvestor
New CPP-T 1 row Potato Harvestor
Our Price: $3,057.00

New CPP-T Potato Harvester feature a hardened vibrating digging plow share with adjustable digging depth that
conveys the potatoes and soil onto a vibrating sieve grid. This separates the potatoes from the soil and deposits
them in an easy to access single cut row.
Perfect for the small producer, the CPP-T Single Row Potator Harvestor is a reliable and inexpensive way to
get your potato crop out of the field. Optimized 51 long x 33 for use behind smaller tractors, this unit gently extracts
your potatos from the ground without bruising.
This is a “Must Have” for the organic potato grower, small producer, and serious gardener alike.
Standard Features Include:
– Hardened Long Life Digging Share
– Adjustable and Removeable Guage Wheels
– Single Lever Depth Adjustment
_ 51" long x 33" tall and scoop is 18" wide
_Some assembly required
_ Free shipping within 1,000 miles!


Planters are used for a similar purpose but instead of planting seedlings, they plant seeds. While for centuries, farmers planted seeds by hand, planters allow the process to be done much more efficiently which allows the farmer to plant many more seeds in the same amount of time.

Sweet Tractors carries used and new planters and transplanters from respected American brands such as Big Bee, Holland, Mechanical, Ferguson, and John Deere. Freight shipping for products too large for UPS is included in the price. Equipment is shipped to downtown terminals for pickup. Residential/farm freight services are available for additional fees-restrictions apply. See our shipping policy for details.

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