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Disc Mowers & Hay Equipment

The pallet fork is an essential piece of hay equipment allows workers to save time and effort moving hay bales. They can use this equipment to raise and move heavy items and bulky materials from one place to another. Pallet forks are commonly used in constructions sites, industrial areas, farms, ranches and municipal projects. Another useful piece of farming equipment is the wheel rake. This tool is basically designed to pick up tough crops gently enough to save their value.

Farmers use a hay tedder to speed up the drying process. This farming tool is essential in areas where there is unpredictable weather. The tedders spread and invert the hay to facilitate air circulation in all parts of the harvest. Tedders vary in size. Farmers should have this equipment available in order to save their hay before the rain comes. They can have them shipped to their farm, ranch or residence if they wish to.

Disc Mowers is a mower that is made to cut hay and other crops. It cuts the crops lower to the ground than other mowers producing larger yields. They can also cut efficiently on uneven land or in wet or thick crops. Although they perform faster than traditional sickle mowers they are more expensive and cost more.

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