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Farm Seeders, Renovators, and Other Seeding Tools

Farm seeders, cultivators, farm renovators, and other seeding tools are essential pieces of farming equipment. A broadcast spreader or seeder is a commonly used tool for spreading seed, fertilizer, pellet lime or sand. They can be used instead of a drop seeder or other seed spreaders. A metal tub seeder is a type of broadcast seeder that works in a simple way. Basically, this equipment spreads the material out to the back and sides. They get the job done faster and better than drop seeders.

Meanwhile, shank field cultivators are used for vertical tillage to eliminate soil compaction in row crop fields. Most shanks are removable and adjustable. They can be replaced or added into the implement. This tool is great for rough soil or heavy crop residue. This is especially true with the C-shank cultivator that is used for weed control in row crops and toincorporate herbicides because it provides more complete herbicide mixing in the soil. Its performance is even better if there is a harrow behind it.

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