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Cultipackers, Soil Pulverizers and Related Parts & Equipment

This page features new and used cultipackers and pulverizers by various brands, including Oliver, Dunham, Brillion and Chatanooga. Cultipackers and soil pulverizers are used to pack down the soil after it has been tilted or disked. The use of these implements has several benefits, the chief of which is that they prevent erosion by packing the soil down. This gives the seeds planted a chance to grow large enough to develop an established root system. Another benefit is that the process of packing the soil down removes excess air which thereby reduces the evaporation of moisture from the soil.

Cultipackers come in various models and sizes, depending on the crops being planted, but in general, are between 3 and 12 feet long and feature either one or two rows of packer plates (disk-shaped plates mounted along the cylinder). Cultipackers are used to prepare the soil for the sowing of small seeds and because they accomplish this task quickly and effectively, they are one of the more valuable tools a farmer has at his disposal. Pulverizers also come in varying sizes but do tend to be small enough that they are ideal for small food plots.

Items may be picked up at the terminal or shipped to anywhere in the country. Downtown, Business Shipping, Commercial or Nearby Truck Terminal shipping are all included in the product pricing. Freight shipping to residential/farm is available but certain restrictions and additional fees apply.

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