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Field Cultivators and 2 Row Weed Cultivators

Cultivators are invaluable tools that any farmer should have. During the prep season, a tractor cultivator is used to condition the earth by kneading soil and to remove traces of plants from previous growing seasons. During the growing season, cultivators can be used to remove weeds and aerate the ground, to ensure the soil doesn’t become too compacted and limit the growth of vegetation.

Cultivators are steel frames with fork-like tongs that penetrate soil. At, we carry several different types of cultivators, including 1 and 2 row cultivators, which have multiple shanks for maximum aeration and penetration in less time.

The type of cultivator you need depends on how big the area to be cultivated is; the bigger the tractor, the bigger the cultivator should be. We have a range of cultivators available to fit different types of tractors, with different amounts and types of shanks for different soil types. We have cultivators with removable shanks, so they can be used with different sized tractors. No matter what type of tractor tiller you need, we have something to suit every field cultivating application.

At Sweettractors, we believe that quality preparation of food plots and farming doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We’re proud to offer a range of new and used tractor field cultivators from the most reputable names in tractor tilling at prices you’ll love.

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